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When you need a website, but don't want to d.i.y., Design Coach Val will work to provide you with a visual representation of your self, story, service, and/or products in the digital space.

Design Coach Val takes pride in working as an advocate for individuals, small businesses, and especially solo-preneurs in start-up or in rebranding phases of your new journey to elevate your digital presence in today's visual world. 

Website creation


Today's technology allows us to do-it-all as do-it-ourselves, but when you are venturing out on your own and wearing many hats, you can rely on an advocate to get you started in the right direction and take one major item off your to-do list.

Design Coach Val lives, eats, breaths design; and channels her skills from 2+ decades as a designer and design educator / mentor into being your advocate. Working exclusively in the Wix platform, Design Coach Val will work with you to assess your current needs that can build towards future optimization and expanding your reliance on the services available in that platform.

Design Coach Val asks the important questions about you and your story, and listens to be able to synthesize that into the digital platform for both desktop and mobile views. She is keen on legibility, visual hierarchy, color and typography relationships, as well as the user experience so you can trust your design project is in good hands with an advocate in your corner.

Design Coach Val works with creative professionals or those with a creative slant whether you are a coach, a guide, a health-wellness expert, a writer or other creative, a small brick and mortar, and others in that lane.


Working with Denae  was a pleasure. I love working with solo-preneurs and others ready to share your story to kickstart the next step on your goal journey.

Visit Denae Garrett's recently launched site.

Why Wix? and not wordpress, square space, go daddy, or ...

Design Coach Val has been using Wix for at least 10 years and believes it is the best resource with combination of small business assets in order to make a presence in a very busy visual world. The other services have weird glitches in their design organizing which makes most sites using those sources look the same. They also require adding on external services in some cases, like a mail chimp, that are included in your Wix package.

Once your Wix site is published, Design Coach Val will provide instruction on how to manage your site, contacts, communications, and more; or retain Design Coach Val as your trusted advocate to be on call for troubleshooting or assistance with a variety of tasks such as blogging or setting up your email newsletters.

What's the process?

Sign up now for a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs and goals. Design Coach Val will provide a project proposal that will include a presentation of your site before it goes live to discuss edits.

Get started today

What's included in the basic package?

After our initial conversation, you will receive a proposal with the scope of the project. These are some of the interactions and components included in a package plan:

- Interview to discuss your goals and purpose for the website which will translate into color, typography, and layout as well as the level of complexity required for your needs (one page or multiple pages).

- Minimum of a one-page website that scrolls to highlight your content and optimized for both desktop and mobile devices which likely includes at least one contact form and a lightbox pop-up.

- Formatting of your copy for legibility, readability, and emphasis as well as editing revisions before going live.

- Page setup for search engines and social sharing.

- Video conferences to review first round to provide edits, and the third will be the final reveal before going live.

- A short training session of how to navigate your behind-the-scenes dashboard to manage the features of the Wix platform such as contacts/communication.


What you will supply:

- You may need to supply images and basic copy that could be edited as part of our program. An advantage of the Wix program is their extensive stock image library when images may not be available.

- Your time to provide feedback and the copy/images needed to continue/complete the site.

After the site is live, what next?
Retain Design Coach Val as an administrator with a package plan based on your assistance needs for a minimum of 3 months.

Design Coach Val will remain available for on-call appointments for you.

Web Design Package starts at $800 for a one page scrolling site with up to five menu items. More complex sites with multiple pages will be quoted on case-by-case basis in a proposal after our consultation.

After the site is live, keep Design Coach Val on as your assistant and advocate. Additional options beyond these available based on your needs:

Coach services on-call, pre-paid package, $40/month - 3 month consecutive minimum commitment includes:
one scheduled 20 min call for assistance scheduled at least a day in advance 

2 email q/a to help you figure out glitches, etc.


Design Assistant package plan, starting at $60/month pre-paid with 3 month minimum commitment
Basic package includes one-hour a month for coaching you in site management or passing off any editing, assistance with backend issues, assistance with email marketing, invoicing, customer service, and other tbd website related tasks. Works best if you create a to-do and/or q/a list.


Design Assistant on-call. $80 / hr, minimum 30 minutes billed at the end of the task and payment due upon receipt.


Design Coach Val earned an MFA in Graphic Design years ago and in that process became passionate about story, memory, and identity with place. Since high school years, the camera has been her companion on excursions and a way to document travel experiences. At one point during her years as a Design Professor, she audited a travel writing study abroad class in Dublin. As sometimes passion projects can be placed on the back-burner, this writing and photography project website has not had enough attention for regular updates lately, but it's just one example of Design Coach Val's web design experience.

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