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Job Market is hot. Time to stand out in the crowd!

If you are applying for a creative position, your resume should go beyond a standard word document with generic type. A resumé is a business document with established system of organizing, yet you should display your creative voice.

If you are in an adjacent field, there is still room to add a designed ambience to your resumé to be able to stand out in the crowd. Just consider how many applicants an H.R. manager may be bombarded with in today's world of online applications using LinkedIn, Indeed, and other services. Stand out by using typography that sets you apart, makes your information legible and appealing to read, and helps the reader at-a-glance discover your best self.

There is a particular order and terminology that one should use in organizing your content.

There is a technique to showcase your experiences by quantifying and qualifying the skills you used (and acquired) in your previous work.



Sign up for an initial consultation and in our session you will receive constructive feedback on your existing document which may include recommendations on design (type, color, layout), format (organization of content), and/or written components (edits, questions, etc.).

Includes review and a 30 minute video conference.


option 2


You have no time for d.i.y., but need an updated resume fast. This option you will share your information with Design Coach Val and a brief interview in our initial consultation appointment. Then you'll hand over the keys for Design Coach Val to design and write/edit your material. This includes one round of written edits after presentation of your document. You'll receive the file in case you want to change the format, font, colors, or add to the resume later.

Includes interview, 30 minute video to go over final product for one round of edits in the written content.


* Some of this content is included in the Brand You! program so if you need more than just a resume, you may want to consider that option (more info here).

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