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Possible options:
  1. Coaching sessions
  2. Project assignments, no coaching
  3. Project assignments, inc coaching
  4. Customized coursework

> I went to college and received a degree, but still feel like I need a coach to help me improve my portfolio, focus on improving my strengths and targeting my weaknesses for growth.

.> I'm starting my career or in 2-5 year phase and just feeling stagnant. I'm also being asked to do things out of my comfort zone so I need a coach to help me expand my creative horizons.

> College wasn't for me, but I started some classes and really need help beyond talking head online tutorials.


Design Coach Val can help you in a variety of ways. This process all starts with a COMPLIMENTARY initial inquiry with a video conversation. It may be that you just need a short coaching session to review your work providing an outside perspective of your strengths and weaknesses, things to improve, things to discard, and advice on a project that you should focus on.


Design Coach Val will customize a plan for you based on her innovative approach to creativity in design that considers all of your goals and current situation. This may include one of the projects or courses you can find here or specific projects geared towards your goals based on your current work and the local/regional design market.

The best option for you may be to toss out what you have and reboot your design voice for a new trajectory. 

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