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Possible options:
  1. Coaching sessions
  2. Project assignments, no coaching
  3. Project assignments, inc coaching
  4. Customized coursework

> I've been working for several years in a related field and I'm being asked to do more and more design work in my role, but I really need a coach to help me hone my skills.

> I've been working for several years and am in need of some creative projects to rejuvenate my design thinking and visual skills.I really can't take time off for a class or masters level so I need a coach to work with me.

> I'm looking to improve my portfolio so I can get back out on the job search, filling in gaps and crafting my work to the job I want, not the job I have.


Design Coach Val can help you in a variety of ways. This process all starts with a COMPLIMENTARY initial inquiry and video conference chat. It may be that you just need a short coaching session to review your work providing an outside perspective of your strengths and weaknesses, things to improve, things to discard, and advice on a project that you should focus on. Design Coach Val will customize a plan for you based on her innovative approach to creativity in design. You may feel you need a series of projects and may opt for one of Design Coach Val's classes that are college- level condensed for working together remotely or maybe you are ready for an in-person intensive combined with a retreat (in Tennessee).

Sometimes you are ready to switch your trajectory and need a completely customized package to change lanes. Design Coach Val has taught design at all levels from entering freshmen to graduating seniors in the major and non-majors for more than 20 years. She can assist in developing targeted assignments that will help expand your portfolio. After the consultation, she will develop a proposal for you that fits within your budget: not only on the pocketbook, but for your time to meet your goals.

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